Saturday, September 10, 2011

Big Shoulders 2011

This morning, Laura, very uncharacteristically, got up at 5:45am (and I, very characteristically, got up with her), to participate in this years Big Shoulders swim in Lake Michigan.  Leaving from ... well ... essentially from Navy Pier, she swam a 2.5k and made it out with all body parts in tact.  This is her 3rd (or maybe 4th, I can't recall) Big Shoulders swim, though not the longest open water swim she has done (trivia: the longest was a 6 mile swim).

For whatever reason, the first time she went to a Big Shoulders swim, we brought Skull along, and I think he's been to all the others as well.  He was certainly there today as can be seen from the pictures.  I don't think we've gotten her official time yet, but she was definitely well within the first 20 women in her division (she was a yellow cap - I'm not sure what that represents).

Congratulations wifee!

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