Saturday, July 9, 2011

Curb Couch

This particular method of disposing of furniture is rather curious in it's general acceptability.  I am certainly not against it, especially since the couch in my first apartment, which served me well for five years, was acquired by Anthony from a curb similar in nature perhaps to this curb in so much as it was a curb.

This couch was left down the street from my current apartment and from the looks of it is in fine condition.  Not that I need another, I have amassed three at this point somehow.  Point being, for a college student or recent grad this would be a godsend.

The phrase "Curb Couch" seems an appropriate moniker for the practice of leaving couches roadside in the hope that someone in need will carry it off free of charge.  What happens if this does not occur before it rains however?  Is there a next step in the process here whereby the couch is properly disposed of?  Do garbage trucks actually pick these items up?  And what is the limit on the type of furniture which can be left on a curb?  Surely if I replace my toilet it would not be socially acceptable to leave it sitting outside my house in case someone wants to eclectically decorate their basement.