Sunday, June 21, 2009

Crate and Barrel Registry Official

Alrighty, I've added enough to the Crate & Barrel registry at this point to make it worth looking at. For some reason I still haven't been able to coerce Laura into making any choices on there so I've just been going hog-wild picking stuff out on my own.

More stuff will be added I'm sure and a couple items might change once Laura actually looks at this thing, but for the most part it should be stable. In the next week or so I'll be putting up the official registry page on this site so that you don't have to poke through the posts for links to said registries.

Sunday, June 7, 2009

Crate and Barrel Registry Started

Laura and I have been meaning to start gift registries at Crate & Barrel to go along with our Target gift registry, but with the move and work and other such activities time has simply not availed itself. In the spirit of pro-activity I've gone ahead and started a registry on Crate & Barrel's site. I'll link it in here when it's more complete (though if you want to look at it I suppose you could just search for our names) since right now all I've put on there are bar accessories.